Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Biscornu/Pin Cushion/Tuffet

This one turned out to be one of my favorites.Unfortunately, I have to make myself another one because this one was for a swap. On the bright side of swapping, Ive received some really beautiful ones I never would have come up with on my own.
Cross stitch wreath

This was made for a stitching contest ...I used 14 count aida cloth and gray pearl DMC thread.
The pattern for the contest was provided by sapphirestitching.com , where the contest was held. I won a wonderful selection of over dyed/hand dyed aida fabrics.My favorite colors are shades of pinks, so thats the color theme I received. The Valentine's Biscornu pictured above is stitched on one of the pieces. I love the stunning effect!
Cupcake Biscornu

This was a themed swap on swap-bot.The pattern for the cupcakes can be found on http://theflossbox.com/freepatterns .The cupcake border and corner patterns are my own .
I added red seed beads to the border cupcakes for the cherries on top.This is a fun cheery pattern and could also be used for a birthday theme.

Blackwork designs

These are the stitched pieces for my very first biscornu. It was for a private swap, so we didnt sew it together before mailing to save on postage.Then we each assembled our own when we received it. Matching threads and buttons were sent in the package.
The black piece is actually the top of the biscornu, but since it has two decorated sides it doesnt really matter.The directions for sewing the pieces together were a little tricky to follow the first time, but after you get past that first one its pretty easy.

" Love " Themed Biscornu

Christmas Biscornu's Dec 2008

I cant remember where I got these patterns, but I do know that they were free ones. I love Christmas! Stitching projects for the holidays really gets me in the mood of things.The first biscornu pictured is a Holly and snow flake pattern. (top and bottom)
The second is poinsettia. I have no idea why I didnt picture the back ....any way, this is a pretty
basic pattern, but I really liked the look of it when it was finished.

Sherbert Biscornu

The pattern for this one can be found at http://theflossbox.com/freepatterns . The top pattern is from the free patterns section (snow flakes), and the back is the same pattern only using the middle portion of the snow flake. This was stitched on 14 count aida cloth.