Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little Houses ATC

For this ATC you could have one house or a row of houses as long as it fit on an ATC card and the roof line was cut out. Sounded like this would be fun so I joined the swap and this is what I came up with. Lots of small pieces to put together, but I like how it turned out. I wanted to add more texture to it, but I didn't want it to get smashed or to heavy to go through the mail. Of coarse, mine is going to an artist...hope she enjoys:)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chicago Moving Day

Above: My daughter took us to a multi-restaurant place with the coolest had some thing for everyone. (Barnelli's Gourmet salads,Portillo's Hot Dogs and not sure what else was there...)

Above: Chicago Hard Rock Cafe

Above: Rainforest Cafe
We didn't eat at all these places, but we have been there before and stopped in to check out the gift shops. They are all across the street from each other.

Chicago's Rock'in McDonalds

Above: Art - We saw this cool sculpture on the way home...

Above: Im not even sure what this building is called, but its beautiful lit up at night.(its to the right of the Sears/Willis Tower) We got to talking about it over dinner with my daughter's friends and they told me there is a story behind it...
I guess a rich guy built it to propose to his girl...and took her up the Sear's tower to look down at it.
When its viewed from up there all lit up I'm told it looks like a big diamond ring....
They weren't 100 percent sure how the story goes but that is the gist of it.
How could a girl say no to that! Any way, I thought the story was romantic, even if my photo sorta sucks:)

I actually went to Chicago this time to help my daughter move into her new apartment at the school dorms.
Its very cute, and she has it all to herself. We worked all day, but got done in no time...then had some fun.

She still had stuff to put away and decorate, but the hardest part was finished.
Now, I just need a week to recover from the weekend LOL.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Making Progress...

I'm still working on my basket weave afghan. A project like this could probably be finished in a weekend if it was worked on continuously, but I've only been working on it here and there between other daily stuff. So far, I really like the results! Its thick and cushy...not to mention how warm it will be.
In other afghans that used this same three stand technique, they used three different color yarn strands throughout the whole afghan instead of doing the stripes. So the whole thing is multi-colored.
I'm not sure which way would use less yarn. This pattern uses a lot of yarn anyway, then add the fact that I used three simultaneously. It could also be made with a single strand of worsted weight yarn and still look great, just not as thick. I'm counting how many skeins this will take and will include it in the post when it's all finished.
The warmer spring days are trying to make an appearance every few days here ...and in anticipation I dug out all the stuff for the front porch hoping to be able to enjoy a nice afternoon on the porch swing soon.
LOL that night my husband tells me we are getting two more days of snow flurries! It never fails ....its just like washing your car before it rains. (sigh) Since mother nature is being so cantankerous this year, I was thinking of making another three strand afghan with single crochet in spring colors to go out on the porch for those nippy sunny days ahead.  Some thing to think about.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Afghan WIP (Crochet) Basket Weave

This is a quicky afghan... not meant to be fancy, but thick, durable, and warm. It has been freezing cold off and on all winter so far, and once again the blankets all disappear. The guys must be getting better at hiding them from me because I haven't been able to find one yet!
The pattern for this afghan is a basket weave done with three strands of yarn at a time. I chose a large hook (P) to hurry things along and because of the thickness.
I have to be honest, this is a simple pattern, but I think every project has its moments. Some how I managed to tangle up all my yarns and ended up with a huge mess. No problems with the pattern, just technical difficulties on my part. It took me quite a while to sort it all out...longer than it took me to crochet the completed rows you see so far. Easy peasy!
So back to work....

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Christmas

Ive been making trips to and from Chicago for the last month or so, needless to say , it hasnt allowed me much time to work on projects or my blog...but the good news is I think things are finally winding down.
I really enjoy Chicago, but since I'm not used to the fast pace of things on a daily basis it just wears me out.

On our last trip, we got to see the CTA all decked out for Christmas...." The Santa Express". It was decorated inside and out. We wanted to ride on it,but we actually only got to see it in passing since it only runs till 5pm. So, it is now on my list for next year.

When we were finally done with our "to do " list we decided to walk around and see what we could find for supper before heading home again.There are tons of places to chose from that were close by our location. It doesnt sound like a big deal does it? No, I didnt think so either, until I got out there and froze to the bone!! Let me just say Im from Illinois and used to cold harsh winters and bundling up to stay warm, but this was brutal!
We stopped at a cafe just to warm up. I also took a photo of their beautiful upside down Christmas tree, but must have still been shaking from the cold because it ended up to be just a big blur of lights.  The rest of the photos turned out some what descent so those are the ones Ive shared.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!! I look forward to
 getting things back to normal and sharing more projects.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art..An Explosion of Color

made by my daughter, Kelsey.

I'm not even sure what category of art this would fall into. so I'm not even going to try to name it. I love how it turned out though.....the bursts of color and random design are so fun! Just had to share it!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Three Day Weekend....

My daughter has been wanting us to come up for a visit, so late Friday night my son and I hopped in the car and drove up to Chicago to see her. I thought it was mostly going to be time to hang out, but once we got there my kids had other plans. I swear they walked me from one end of Chicago to the other! Ok, besides that I was some what spoiled while I was there. After walking me every where during the day, we got to enjoy the hot tub on the rooftop of her building. Not only that, but she grilled us a special supper that we also ate out on the rooftop.(We ate out while we were there too, but I think her supper was even better than some of the restaurants we went to that cost a small fortune! She's a wonderful cook!) The view was fabulous! You could see the Chicago skyline from there...and all the buildings lit up at night. A lot of them had special pink lights on in honor of breast cancer awareness, and the marathon that took place this weekend.

Most of the pictures above are just snap shots taken while we walked through the city. My kids got into a photo taking contest...LOL , ya the bland ones are probably mine!

Chicago Loopy Yarns Knit Shop

Yes, I tortured my children by making them take me to a knit shop! We had a long walk and a short ride on the "L" to get there, but there was no way I was skipping it this trip. Needless to say, they waited outside and found some where to sit and have a soda while I took my time, but they were good sports about it if you don't count the eye rolls ...hahaha.