Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Infinity Scarf WIP

%*?|@):? Lots of cussing going on inside my head right now! Does it really count if you don't say it out loud?
Any one else like to watch a show, relax and work on some crochet? Me too! Just bought this beautiful yarn
( Purl Essence/ Rainbow Boucle ) to make an infinity scarf to wear with one of my coats. I was so into watching Lost Girl
 on Netflix that I wasn't paying close enough attention to what I was doing. I swear, I had half of this project done before I realized 
it was getting wider with each row. So I had to rip all the way back almost to the beginning ( grrr ).
I've got it all straightened out now:) Since I'm only on season two of this show I will continue to check width after each row. 

This scarf actually started out as a knitting project, but I switched to crochet. In all honesty I liked the knit look a little better 
than the crochet one, but I'm much faster crocheting and very slow knitting. The pattern I'm going by is a free one that came printed 
on the inside of the yarn label. 

I chained 40, double crochet till u reach desired length, crochet last row to first row to complete the circle and tuck in all ends.
Simple plan right?  LOL and I still managed to mess it up. That's ok, it's all working out now.
Here's what I have so far after ripping back:

 Above: my big mess 

Miss Khloe loving the yarn

In this one she has just spotted my crochet hook...she is the one that hid it on me last time .

She discovered the crochet hook and snatched it up before I could grab it. 
Lol no worries:)

Where is the best place to lay? Right on mom's project!

Gracie had to come check it out too.
Now that I have  every ones approval I'm gonna go work on my WIP!

Oh, I almost forgot. I joined a crochet group on Facebook and learned a new term.
HOTH means hot of the hook ( newly finished project:) just thought I would share.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sloppy Joe Casserole

Getting tired of recipes yet? Sorry, had to share. This is pretty quick and easy. My guys and I really like this one. It's another recipe that's good for a cold day! Very filling, you don't need a lot of side dishes to go with this one. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mozzarella Stuffed Homemade Meatballs

Again, I wanted try try some new hearty recipes when I came across this one for Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs.
I thought this was perfect for one of those cold days! 
When it came time to make supper, the guys were really giving me some grief! They could not imagine me going to all this trouble for meatballs when you can just buy frozen at the store ....on and on this went.
Besides using a lot of bowls and pans the recipe was pretty easy. I always tweek the recipes to what flavors we like and don't like.
For the most part I followed this recipe. I did leave out the minced onions ( that's my bad, I totally hate onions), left out the Tabasco sauce ( heartburn) , used garlic powder instead of garlic salt ( have to watch sodium intake), and used the mozzarella sticks you find in all the stores instead of the mozzarella balls. I cut the sticks into approximately one inch squares and used two squares per meatball.
I shaped the first round of meatballs going in the pan. I liked them pan seared before they are put in the oven. Worked out great!
My husband actually joined me in the kitchen, and started shaping the rest while I did the pan searing and placed the finished ones in the glass baking dish that was to go into the oven. It was really nice chatting and spending time together while preparing a hot meal.
While that was baking in the oven I had Prego Traditional Italian Sauce warming in another pan, I added some of my own spices to it 
and next time I want to add some sliced mushrooms. ( Any brand you like will work for this.)
Not to deviate from the subject at hand, but I just wanted to say that all spaghetti sauce has " Italian Style " some where on the label .
To make a long story short, my husband ran to the store for me. I noticed he was gone a while, but didn't think any thing of it. 
When he got home, he he says ..." You set me up! ". I'm like whaaaat?  He was looking for some thing that said "Italian style" sauce in big letters on the label like it does for all the different flavors of sauce. He went to several different stores before he realized they all say Italian style in tiny letters on the label, you just choose what you like. Of coarse, I thought this was hilarious ! After he thought about it for a bit he joined in our laughter.
Back to dinner...I just made regular spaghetti noodles and garlic bread to go with our supper.
To my surprise, after all the grief the guys gave me they loved! They said we should never have regular spaghetti again. It was so hearty my big eaters couldn't even finish their plates, and no one touched the garlic bread either. They were to full lol.
So I think this went over with the guys quite well! 
Oh and just a note: the recipe roughly calls for a pound of lean ground beef. When I first saw how small it was I didn't think there would be enough for all four of us. It made a total of 12 large meat balls which was plenty and we even had a few for left overs.
( I used a 1/4 cup to measure out the meat to roll into balls.)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas in Chicago 2014

Had a great time with my daughter! We enjoyed all the Christmas lights and holiday decorations. It was so freezing out with all the wind ...made my eyes water. Great weekend though.

Below: Street Music  

Above: Christkindlmarket- Chicago Daley Plaza (German Christmas Festival ) 

We stood in line for an hour just to get the mugs, they came filled with hot spiced red wine, 
which sounds like heaven when your freezing.
The lines were very long, you couldn't even tell where they started. The place was so packed we didn't 
really get a chance to look at all the little shops, but the tree was beautiful . We were glad we stopped
by there.

Zoo Lights - Lincoln Park Zoo

The trees flashed their colorful lights to the beat of music...

Ice sculptures

The view from my daughter's kitchen window. 
You can't really see it, but there are a lot of Christmas lights going on at the top of all these tall buildings.
( The tallest one in the middle is Sear's Tower )

My daughter made me breakfast so we could just hang out and enjoy the view.

St Patrick's ...beautiful church!

 Merry Christmas !!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holiday Scarf

Finished it in plenty of time to give to my mom on Thanksgiving Day. We usually start decorating for Christmas the day after, so I wanted her to have time to enjoy it during the holiday season. I think it knit up a little fuller than some of the other brands I use, maybe it is just the look of the Pom poms 
that make a difference. These are pretty quick to knit or crochet up. There are free patterns for both on the net and tutorials on youtube.

My mom liked her scarf!  She looks so pretty!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bargain Find

Over the years dishes have gotten broken and has left me with odds and ends. It's most noticeable to me when we have company over for supper. I actually have two good complete sets of dishes, but at the time I acquired them we had a lot going on and needed to store them until I could make room in the cabinets. So, of coarse, both sets are misplaced in my moms garage some where. Oh well, we will run into them some time. In the mean time, I found a whole set of dishes on sale for one dollar. Yep, $1.00. What a lucky find. I was thrilled. It wasn't a pattern that I would have originally picked out, but I do like them. Not bad hu? Works for me:)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Holiday Knitting

I have no problems starting new projects, but for some reason I didn't even get a start on this one last year. 
Just in case things get busy again, I thought I would start and finish this one early. 
These scarves aren't really made for warmth, but I thought my mom would like it to wear to church
during the Christmas season. Thought it would look great with her dress coat.
The yarn is made by Ice...and I loved it the minute I saw it. Not sure if I was just a lucky one or 
if all the skeins are like this , but working with it has been a total pain. It was wound into a regular skein, which was fine,
but it was also twisted the whole length. When working with the netting type of yarn you have to open it up as you go
to knit it. Really hard to do while it's twisted. I think it will be worth it though. I put my guys to work holding the yarn 
as I untwisted and rewound it to make it easier to work with. Lol my guys are manly men so one holding the yarn while the other 
manned our cat Khloe was entertaining in itself. Just call it karma!

Fall ..

There is so much do for fall and winter I feel like I barely get half my list done. I'm not gonna stress it though.. 
I did manage to dig my decorations out of the basement and work on the front porch. I swear I had a full pretty fall wreath to 
go on our front door and couldn't find it any where. What I did find stored in all my stuff was a pitiful straw wreath that looked 
more bedraggled than any thing. So I headed to the dollar store and bought a couple bunches of their fall flowers. Didn't spend much 
as I'm on a budget for that sort of thing. Recycled it is.... same wreath with some new accents. I didn't think to stop and take a photo 
of what it looked like before, but I was happy with the results.

Khloe playing in all the flowers...had to watch my fingers when grabbing them to add them to the wreath. 
For a while there, I didn't think she was going to let me have any. LOL she was rolling in them like 
a pile of leaves.

These little gems are made out of small terra cotta pots.. The scare crow is still my favorite. I haven't made these 
in a long time. The faces are hand painted and the material for the scare crow was modge podged around the pot.
Then just add whatever accents to decorate.