Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holiday Scarf

Finished it in plenty of time to give to my mom on Thanksgiving Day. We usually start decorating for Christmas the day after, so I wanted her to have time to enjoy it during the holiday season. I think it knit up a little fuller than some of the other brands I use, maybe it is just the look of the Pom poms 
that make a difference. These are pretty quick to knit or crochet up. There are free patterns for both on the net and tutorials on youtube. The one shown is knit. The great thing about these scarves is they are easy enough for a beginner as well as the accomplished knitter/crocheter.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bargain Find

Over the years dishes have gotten broken and has left me with odds and ends. It's most noticeable to me when we have company over for supper. I actually have two good complete sets of dishes, but at the time I acquired them we had a lot going on and needed to store them until I could make room in the cabinets. So, of coarse, both sets are misplaced in my moms garage some where. Oh well, we will run into them some time. In the mean time, I found a whole set of dishes on sale for one dollar. Yep, $1.00. What a lucky find. I was thrilled. It wasn't a pattern that I would have originally picked out, but I do like them. Not bad hu? Works for me:)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Holiday Knitting

I have no problems starting new projects, but for some reason I didn't even get a start on this one last year. 
Just in case things get busy again, I thought I would start and finish this one early. 
These scarves aren't really made for warmth, but I thought my mom would like it to wear to church
during the Christmas season. Thought it would look great with her dress coat.
The yarn is made by Ice...and I loved it the minute I saw it. Not sure if I was just a lucky one or 
if all the skeins are like this , but working with it has been a total pain. It was wound into a regular skein, which was fine,
but it was also twisted the whole length. When working with the netting type of yarn you have to open it up as you go
to knit it. Really hard to do while it's twisted. I think it will be worth it though. I put my guys to work holding the yarn 
as I untwisted and rewound it to make it easier to work with. Lol my guys are manly men so one holding the yarn while the other 
manned our cat Khloe was entertaining in itself. Just call it karma!

Fall ..

There is so much to do for fall and winter I feel like I barely get half my list done.
I'm not gonna stress it though.. 
I did manage to dig my decorations out of the basement and work on the front porch. I swear I had a full pretty fall wreath to 
go on our front door and couldn't find it any where. What I did find stored in all my stuff was a pitiful straw wreath that looked 
more bedraggled than any thing. So I headed to the dollar store and bought a couple bunches of their fall flowers. Didn't spend much 
as I'm on a budget for that sort of thing. Recycled it is.... same wreath with some new accents. I didn't think to stop and take a photo 
of what it looked like before, but I was happy with the results.

Khloe playing in all the flowers...had to watch my fingers when grabbing them to add them to the wreath. 
For a while there, I didn't think she was going to let me have any. LOL she was rolling in them like 
a pile of leaves.

These little gems are made out of small terra cotta pots.. The scare crow is still my favorite. I haven't made these 
in a long time. The faces are hand painted and the material for the scare crow was modge podged around the pot.
Then just add whatever accents to decorate. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

More Chicago...

There are so many interesting nooks and crannies to finding interesting and beautiful things in each individual neighborhood. There's always some thing new to see while your exploring. 

This is a small park in the area where my daughter lives...

Pretty all lit up!

 My daughter texted me this photo...she found this place while trying to find her way to an appointment 
And thought of me, since my name is Dee! Aww that was so sweet ...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zucchini-oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

I've been given a lot of zucchini lately. I'm not complaining though, I love it. Mostly, I've been fixing suppers and zucchini bread with it, but I've run across some new recipes that sound pretty good so I'm trying those out on my family and neighbor. My neighbor grew a huge organic zucchini plant this year and has gotten 14 fairly large zucchinis off of it. This is so great, cause the ones I was seeing in the stores were pretty small.
Tonight I baked zucchini-oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ....
(Once the batter was mixed according to the directions, I noticed it was a little runny, but I let it set for a few minutes ,remixed and it seemed to thicken up just fine.)

 Found this recipe on Pinterest : 
Zucchini-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies
Im just waiting to get every ones opinion ....

As you can see, I finally figured out how to post pictures on my blog posts again, but I haven't figured out how to size them. So, for now they will just be bigger. I haven't found any sizing options on the app I'm using..but I will keep messing with it:) Crazy I know , right? Oh well, I have missed blogging , and am just glad things are working out however slow.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Pasta Fajioli (crockpot recipe)

I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. It was a big hit with my family, and it's now on my husbands list of favorites. 
I get bored making the same things all the time. This is one thing that technology has made easier for me.  I tweeked the recipe a bit, using what I already had on hand or more to our liking.

I substituted sliced (drained ) carrots instead of corn , added sliced and drained mushrooms & used large butter beans instead of white kidney beans ...which I could not find here. Turned out wonderful. 
The meat and pasta are added just before I kept the noodle separate. I didn't like them in mine but everyone else did. So they added what they wanted to their own serving. Worked out good for everyone. I also wasn't sure how noodles would freeze so I left them out of the portions to be frozen.

I also made homemade garlic butter and toasted some kieser rolls. Way better than saltine crackers with the soup!

Hopefully I have this technology thing figured out...I need to add the posts I have saved up while figuring it all out. Thanks for being patient .

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Birds of a Feather...

I'm not sure why, but birds seem to love the wreaths on my front door.  This is the second time we have come home from some where and found a fully build nest on our front door. This year though, the eggs actually hatched and we had four noisy baby birds, greeting us every morning. We were very careful opening and shutting the door when we had to go out. The momma bird got used to it and just worked around us lol. It totally drove my cat. Khloe nuts. She would sit on the end table by the front door and try to catch a glimpse of the birds. It was to funny cause she actually couldn't see around the flowers of the wreath. 

Now, I just have to scrub all the bird poop off the front door:(

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I have had some computer trouble lately, thus the reason I haven't been posting. My notebook crashed so I've been on my iPad. I've tried several apps and am still having problems getting my posts the way I want them. My iPad does not let me scroll down when I'm making a new post or am in edit. Hopefully I will get it figured out soon. If u have any suggestions feel free to leave me a comment. I'm not afraid to say I am limited in the technology department:)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Kelsey!

Above: Chicago Cultural Center

Above: The view from Kelsey's school


Our Ride:)

Chicago Holy Name Cathedral

"The Bean"

                                                              Above: Birthday Dinner

We surprised my daughter by coming to Chicago for her birthday....didn't want her to spend the day alone.
It was a great but busy day!
We all took the train in the morning. It was a crazy ride just trying to get there on time. We hit every stop light, got behind every school bus, and hit at least three construction sites! Not to mention when we got to the station we still had to park in the deck and stop by the desk to get our tickets printed out.
We arrived with 15 minutes to to the desk only to find out there was a delay and had to wait an hour for the train. Unfortunately, this cut our time with Kelsey a little shorter than we planned.

Once we got there, Kelsey took us around to some sites we haven't seen yet. (Dad usually has to work and doesn't get to come up often.)
All her friends kept telling her she had to stop and see the cultural center, so that's where we headed first.
It is a beautiful building... accented with millions of small tile designs, gorgeous domed ceilings, and some amazing wood work.

We also got to visit one of the college campus' she attends...its was an unusual set-up for a college, but nice to see her daily routine. It's almost like it is one whole floor of a mall. There are lots of shops and a food court. The class rooms are all in one area. I'm not sure exactly how many floors it has, but there were a lot! The view from the front of the school was just breath taking!

The next stop was my pick, The Holy Name Cathedral. The guys sorta moaned and groaned about this one,
but it was worth the stop.

Dad didn't get to see "The Bean" when we went, so we swung by there on our way to Kelsey's Birthday dinner. We had such a good time when we went there before, we just had to take him to Millenium Park.

Last but not least, we went to dinner where we got to see dad wearing a bib! (He wouldn't let me post a picture, but we got to poke some fun. I also didn't notice he gave me the bird while trying to dodge my photo, so ya probably best no post lol.)
Sang Happy Birthday to our birthday girl ... took the poor college kid shopping to buy toilet paper and all the other goodies she needed before we had to head back to the Union Station to catch our train.
Even though it was a slower paced day than we usually have when we visit, the guys were wiped out and went to bed as soon as we got home. LOL they are soft hahaha.

Happy Birthday Kelsey!! We love you and enjoyed out day together.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Little Houses ATC

For this ATC you could have one house or a row of houses as long as it fit on an ATC card and the roof line was cut out. Sounded like this would be fun so I joined the swap and this is what I came up with. Lots of small pieces to put together, but I like how it turned out. I wanted to add more texture to it, but I didn't want it to get smashed or to heavy to go through the mail. Of coarse, mine is going to an artist...hope she enjoys:)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chicago Moving Day

Above: My daughter took us to a multi-restaurant place with the coolest had some thing for everyone. (Barnelli's Gourmet salads,Portillo's Hot Dogs and not sure what else was there...)

Above: Chicago Hard Rock Cafe

Above: Rainforest Cafe
We didn't eat at all these places, but we have been there before and stopped in to check out the gift shops. They are all across the street from each other.

Chicago's Rock'in McDonalds

Above: Art - We saw this cool sculpture on the way home...

Above: Im not even sure what this building is called, but its beautiful lit up at night.(its to the right of the Sears/Willis Tower) We got to talking about it over dinner with my daughter's friends and they told me there is a story behind it...
I guess a rich guy built it to propose to his girl...and took her up the Sear's tower to look down at it.
When its viewed from up there all lit up I'm told it looks like a big diamond ring....
They weren't 100 percent sure how the story goes but that is the gist of it.
How could a girl say no to that! Any way, I thought the story was romantic, even if my photo sorta sucks:)

I actually went to Chicago this time to help my daughter move into her new apartment at the school dorms.
Its very cute, and she has it all to herself. We worked all day, but got done in no time...then had some fun.

She still had stuff to put away and decorate, but the hardest part was finished.
Now, I just need a week to recover from the weekend LOL.