Friday, January 30, 2015


Every now and then I get in the mood to try my hand at baking some thing different.
Even if it doesn't turn out it makes the house smell great as long as I haven't burned it.
I chose easy recipes since I have been known NOT be exact on the ingredients. 

My first recipe was scones....I couldn't sleep to save my life, so at 2:30 am I was up baking.
I really didn't think my husband would like them. He is more of a bacon eggs or omlet kind of guy, but he surprised me.
My son has made scones before on his own so I knew he would enjoy them.

I had all the basic ingredients for the dough/ batter, but no currents or raisins on hand,so they were replaced with mini 
chocolate chips and butterscotch chips. Otherwise I followed the recipe the way it was written.

( Above: dough cut into triangles, ready to bake. )

Hot out of the oven!

The next recipe was super easy and quick, but yummy! 
Cinnamon-Sugar pizza with cresent rolls

This one is pretty self explanatory . It reminded me of the dessert pizzas you get in a buffet.
For the glaze I just used powdered sugar, warm water and a splash of vanilla.
Be sure not to add to much water. Just a little at a time while mixing with the powdered sugar
until it's the right consistency.

Last but not least is my mom's basic Zucchini Bread Recipe. I have no idea where 
she found it, but as far as I can remember she's always used this one.
There is nothing fancy about this recipe at all, but I make it every 
year and always have requests for more from family and friends.
My record to date is thirteen loaves, and still wasn't enough lol.
Lots of growing boys between my own family and our friends families.

 Zucchini Bread Recipe:

1 C  finely grated zucchini
2 eggs , well beaten
1 1/2 C sifted all purpose flour
1/2 TSP baking soda 
1/2 TSP baking powder
1C sugar
1 TSP vanilla 
1/2 TSP salt 
1/2 C oil

 Mix all ingredients together and pour into greased 
and floured loaf pan. 
Bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes.
( I like to check the middle like you would a cake before 
taking it out of the oven. If it's already well browned and looks done 
but the middle still needs a few minutes, just place some foil on 
top to prevent burning ).

Note: this recipe makes one loaf

It was fun experimenting with the new recipes and like visiting an old friend 
with the old one.
Nothing burned! It's all good:)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Infinity Scarf WIP

%*?|@):? Lots of cussing going on inside my head right now! Does it really count if you don't say it out loud?
Any one else like to watch a show, relax and work on some crochet? Me too! Just bought this beautiful yarn
( Purl Essence/ Rainbow Boucle ) to make an infinity scarf to wear with one of my coats. I was so into watching Lost Girl
 on Netflix that I wasn't paying close enough attention to what I was doing. I swear, I had half of this project done before I realized 
it was getting wider with each row. So I had to rip all the way back almost to the beginning ( grrr ).
I've got it all straightened out now:) Since I'm only on season two of this show I will continue to check width after each row. 

This scarf actually started out as a knitting project, but I switched to crochet. In all honesty I liked the knit look a little better 
than the crochet one, but I'm much faster crocheting and very slow knitting. The pattern I'm going by is a free one that came printed 
on the inside of the yarn label. 

I chained 40, double crochet till u reach desired length, crochet last row to first row to complete the circle and tuck in all ends.
Simple plan right?  LOL and I still managed to mess it up. That's ok, it's all working out now.
Here's what I have so far after ripping back:

 Above: my big mess 

Miss Khloe loving the yarn

In this one she has just spotted my crochet hook...she is the one that hid it on me last time .

She discovered the crochet hook and snatched it up before I could grab it. 
Lol no worries:)

Where is the best place to lay? Right on mom's project!

Gracie had to come check it out too.
Now that I have  every ones approval I'm gonna go work on my WIP!

Oh, I almost forgot. I joined a crochet group on Facebook and learned a new term.
HOTH means hot of the hook ( newly finished project:) just thought I would share.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sloppy Joe Casserole

Getting tired of recipes yet? Sorry, had to share. This is pretty quick and easy. My guys and I really like this one. It's another recipe that's good for a cold day! Very filling, you don't need a lot of side dishes to go with this one.