Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Movie ATC / Sept.

I loved the idea of the movie theme for this month, but thought that patterns would be easier to find. I dug in the search for a pattern right away and three days later was ready to pull my hair out. After all that I had found only one pattern for a movie I totally love (Labyrinth) , but it had to be ordered --I wasnt sure it would get here in time for me to get it stitched up & I wasnt sure that the part of the pattern I wanted to use (David Bowie- The Goblin King) would fit on my card. Sooo, I was mulling over options with my stitchy cousin, Heidi , when it dawned on me that I had this Mary Poppins pattern all along!! Talk about a DUH moment. Any way I love this movie too so it all worked out.