Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bella ....who let the cat out of the bag? haha She just couldnt resist.

My Cabled Afghan WIP (Knit)

Ive been making slow progress...but the pattern is working out great so I dont mind taking my time with it. Im not a fast or slow knitter, Im just average...and its taking me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete about 4-5 rows. Ive been working on it sporatically since its not easy to lug around, but Im happy with the progress so far:) Its totally washable, but I imagine it will be one heavy momma when its wet! Hmm will figure that one out when the time comes.
My knitting friends seem to find my big project pretty funny when they see me with this large wip in tow.....maybe I need one of those luggage bags that have the wheels and a long handle on it. hahaha
This winter has actually been pretty balmy so far...& here I was looking forward to cuddling up by the fireplace to knit my afghan. Believe me when I say this is a very hot project! I could probably shed a few pounds being covered up with this.
When I finally get this baby finished I plan to move on to all my ufo's (UnFinished Objects). I dont really make new year resolutions cause they just do not seem to work out for me, but I do like finishing things Ive started. Sooo this is just one of my goals.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colossal Cables Throw

Gorgeous, cozy and heartwarming! Made of chunky Merino wool.
This was originally sold at , but from all the posts I have found, I'm assuming it was sold some time around 2008-09 & is probably not available now. I was trying to find a similar pattern to knit, but didnt find any thing so far. Im sure there's one out there some where, maybe you'll have more luck.

Im still in the process of knitting my own Monster Afghan of cables. Its deffinately taking some man hours since I chose the larger yarn, but will get a big dose of satisfaction when all is said and done:)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cross Stitched Birthday Wish ATC's

Received these wonderful Birthday Wishes from some sweet gals in my ATC cross stitch group.


Owl Valentine

I got a special surprise in the mail nephew David made me a Valentine Owl since owls are a favorite of mine! Looks like you worked hard ...TY honey, I luv it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I havent scrapbooked in ages, so I dug out one of my old scrapbooks since I was thinking of my kids...
Above: I made these scrapbook pages when my daughter graduated 8th grade. Her birthday party that year was Hawaiian themed, so thats the pattern I chose for the background paper. On the left, I added words that described her or things that were important in her life at the time. On the right, I started with pictures of her when she was little and progressed in age and important events. Then I added some tags, b-day cake picture, and some keepsakes.

Above: Father & Son (right: son, Left: dad)
I couldnt believe it when I found a picture of dad and noticed the similarities to my sons school picture for that year. It was uncanny (my kids think its really creepy), but I couldnt resist scrapbooking it . When I showed my mom, she asked when my son had his potrait taken & it was actually a portrait of my hubby when he was little:)

This was a good time ...the Harry Potter book parties at Barnes and Noble! We always looked forward to these. I started reading the books to my kids while I was in college ( yes, I was a late bloomer). Couldnt afford to buy the books when they first came out, so I rented them from my college library. We read a chapter at a time before bed since I had alot of studies. It became a special ritual & the librarians were a big help letting me check out the books more than once to finish them. My medical program was demanding and they understood so gave us some leway. We would get a group of friends together and hang out all night until the newest book was ready to be sold(by then, I had graduated). I miss that, but we also had a good time seeing all the movies. Lines were long and getting seats together for our group was a challenge since the theaters were packed.Yep, thats the whole point of a scrapbook bring back those fun moments.