Saturday, March 22, 2014

Making Progress...

I'm still working on my basket weave afghan. A project like this could probably be finished in a weekend if it was worked on continuously, but I've only been working on it here and there between other daily stuff. So far, I really like the results! Its thick and cushy...not to mention how warm it will be.
In other afghans that used this same three stand technique, they used three different color yarn strands throughout the whole afghan instead of doing the stripes. So the whole thing is multi-colored.
I'm not sure which way would use less yarn. This pattern uses a lot of yarn anyway, then add the fact that I used three simultaneously. It could also be made with a single strand of worsted weight yarn and still look great, just not as thick. I'm counting how many skeins this will take and will include it in the post when it's all finished.
The warmer spring days are trying to make an appearance every few days here ...and in anticipation I dug out all the stuff for the front porch hoping to be able to enjoy a nice afternoon on the porch swing soon.
LOL that night my husband tells me we are getting two more days of snow flurries! It never fails ....its just like washing your car before it rains. (sigh) Since mother nature is being so cantankerous this year, I was thinking of making another three strand afghan with single crochet in spring colors to go out on the porch for those nippy sunny days ahead.  Some thing to think about.