Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Profound Statements

Yesterday mom and I were at Walmart in Peoria Heights waiting for my sons class to get out... we got our lists done and did the self check-out. For some reason the machine would not let me sign to finish my transaction. After fighting with it for a bit, it finally worked. So I grabbed my receipt and headed out. Half way through the door, I stopped, Im sure a look of panic was on my face & mom is asking what's wrong??? No bags! I thought I had left all my stuff in the bags at the check out!! Mom said, No I grabbed them when you were fighting with the machine. Of coarse, I'm relieved and praising my mom. Any way, this whole time there is a big guy in the foyer with us hearing this conversation.... he gives me a big smile and says..." your momma has been taking care of you your whole life, she's not gonna let ya down now."
I cannot tell you how much that statement floored me! I love that some people have such a great outlook on life & could tell, in that short of time how wonderful my mom is. That absolutely made my day! He could not possibly know how much that statement meant to me.
It also reminded me that you cannot tell what a person is like until you meet them. Its easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind. He was a big guy, with a ready smile and a kind heart. I was touched. So I'm wishing him many blessings.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adopted Today

Olie & Khloe

Well, I got a phone call at 5:30am this'morning to come to my daughters appartment building to save a stray cat. (sigh~I'm too soft hearted.) So, off I went. This kitty has had a hard life so far from the looks of things and I ended up bringing her home just like my daughter knew I would. She has at least a 2x2 patch on the back of her neck with no fur from being mauled and her paw was bleeding. I dont think the fur will ever grow back, but thats ok, she's safe now. Poor thing. She was so hungry and when I got her home she looked relieved just to be able to lay down and sleep with no worries.This is gonna be a huge challenge! Ive never really had a cat before...first of all because Im allergic and next we already have a dog named Olie, who is a spoiled momma's baby. Ive begun introducing them thru scent first, hoping they will get used to each other. Im not really sure how to go about doing this. Olie barks alot and I dont want him to scare her and I dont want her to be afraid and claw him...so thats my big dilema. My house is not very big so its going to be hard introduce them slowly to each other. She did see Olie this'morning and didnt panic, so Im taking this as a good sign and Olie likes cats but he wants to sniff and lick them so there is still hope.
I will be making her vet appointment later today and will figure out the rest as I go. She looks a lot like my daughters kitty Kesha, same colors except my kitty has a really fluffy tail. Poor thing I can feel every bone in her little body & with the heat wave we've had I wouldnt be surprised if she is dehydrated. We will get her all fixed up! We still havent come up with a name for her yet. I just cant think of one that fits her.
If any one has words of advise I would be very grateful!

Note: We named her Khloe (pronounced k-l-oh-ee)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Stash....

Above are the new fabrics for my moms porch cushions. They all compliment each other & the one cream piece has some beautifully embroidered designs.

Most of these fabrics are blues and greens. I love that color palette, but they are some what hard to discern in the photo.

I have to say that I think we hit the jackpot today!! We were just out and about waiting for my sons class to end and came across this home decor shop, LS Home. Beautiful shop, but when I saw it I thought it was one of the high end shops you can usually browse in but not really afford. For the most part I was right, but luck was on our side today. They had a sidewalk sale of left over materials used for upholstery and other home accents. Once we started checking out what they had, we found enough materials for pillows & my mom found a larger stash of fabric to re-do all the cushions on her back porch and add some accent pillows too. The funny thing was that the fabrics are all Ralph Lauren, which would be pretty costly if you were to buy them out right. We got all the fabrics for a dollar each and my moms larger fabric for three dollars. You cant beat that!! Im sure her back porch will look adorable with the new fabrics and white wicker furniture. Im saving my new stash for a rainy day, I know want to make some new pillows, but Im keeping an open mind for the rest....oh and did I mention I found a whole big box of spiral grapevine branches loaded with pretty red berries. I got the whole box for five dollars(saved $30.00). Im saving those for porch decorations fall/winter. Usually I have the worst luck ever, but today not so much=)

Saturday, July 14, 2012


My daughter broke her ankle last week (7-7-12), Ouch! She was upset because it got broken in the middle of all the summer fun, so no more swimming or hiking for a while. Im just thankful she narrowly avoided surgery! Its been painful, and she has had to keep it propped up for the time being...she has another check up this week and hopefully all is well. Hang in there hun, I know its miserable. Fell better soon, love you <3
She added silver sparkles on top of her pink cast for some bling, it looks all cute and sparkly!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leaves & Beans Coffee and Tea Cafe

These are all the different flavors of syrups to flavor your coffee or tea. Mmmm they had buttered rum which sounds amazing for winter, and they had cheesecake flavor which makes me think of my daughter.(Even if she doesnt like tea or coffee).

I got a good laugh when I saw this mug~I can totally relate!

My son has been taking a class across the river this summer. It just started yesterday, so on class days I have a couple of hours to mess around until he's finished. Mom has been keeping me company the last couple of days and today we found a coffee cafe that we've never been too. It was fun. We enjoyed Frozen Caramel Lattes and looked at all the art work they have painted throughout the cafe. With every one being so busy all the time, its nice to sit down and spend some time together. Im sure people think we are nuts! My mom and I have the same sense of humor, so we tend to get laughing so hard we tear up and cant speak. Oh well, each to their own. At least we know how to entertain ourselves=)
It was pretty nice out today, not as hot as it has been lately so we made a quick trip to The Tower Park right across the street to check out whats new. We have been there before but its been a couple of years or so. We didnt actually get to go up in the tower today, but we are planning to soon. Once you get to the top of the tower there are beautiful views of the river. Its a good thing we didnt go up, the batteries in my camera died right as we were leaving the park. I did manage to find some goodies for some of my swaps ...postcards and pressed pennies. Over all it was a good day!

The Tower Park

There is a huge redheaded woodpecker on the side of the tower, but he looks small in this picture.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Granny Afghan WIP

Its been soooo HOT out! Yes, I am a big baby when it comes to the heat. I have never been so grateful for air-conditioning! I figured it was the perfect time to stay in and work on some of my projects! Ive been skipping around a bit ...playing with colors in my stash and making squares for my first granny afghan. I started one of my granny squares and then decided to just keep going and make a large one for the middle. I should have made it more rectangular than square, but I think it will work out alright. I might need to adjust the design a bit.There are a few more rows to go before Im ready to add the border color and start adding my 7x7 granny squares around the larger square. Then ,of coarse, I have to tuck in all those ends.
I always intend to pick light summery colors and end up migrating to darker ones, and this time was no different. Both my guys like the colors I picked, which is really surprising since there is pink in it, not enough to make it look really girly, but just enough to add some color shading. I like the over all-effect though--my favorite colors are the shades of turquoise so I tried to add a little more of those.