Sunday, February 28, 2010

Luck O'the Irish

Handmade Shamrock card-Iris folding ( above )
Irish Dancing ATC

Irish ATC
Another Lucky Inchie

WIP's (cross stitch )

The first one is for me, so I have been taking my time with it. Love the colors and design. Havent decided what I'll do with it yet ...frame it out or make it a pillow. Hmmmm?
The big treble clef is for my daughter, I'm hoping to surprize her for graduation. She's been in show choir at school and absolutely loves music. This will be framed out along with a couple of her favorite show choir pictures and some of the awards she has earned over the years.
I've just found this great kit so I'd better be getting started on it soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eli's Coffee House

Would love to have this door in my kitchen!!! How cute is that !

Fun Day! This is a small community coffee house that resides in an old victorian home. In the warmer months it has outside gardens and tables to enjoy. For winter it has a cozy indoor setting to enjoy with family and friends.
Had a great spinach, feta cheese, & fruit salad with a raspberry dressing. Lots of home made goodies are available. Journals are set out on the tables so you can leave thoughts and drawings with others that visit. It also has a quiet study room upstairs to do homework, play board games, or read.
This was just a fun Saturday afternoon outing =)

Brother and Sister .....

Awww, hugging "little" brother=)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Owl Stuffies...

I'm totally into owls for some reason, so I thought I'd try my hand at making some stuffies. Most of these are original patterns of my own. I have mixed and matched different pattern pieces to make the owls shown. I like to hand draw my patterns and then create the owl stuffies. It just gives me an idea of what I'm trying to create . I've had a flop or two .... but kept to the drawing board. The basic materials for these little wonders are felt and DMC threads, but I have experimented with the pre-quilted fabrics, fleece and felted sweaters too.
It's pretty funny actually, I went to the Good Will store to hunt for some pure wool sweaters... planning to felt them, but I found two sweaters that some one had already felted and shrunk by accident. Oops ... They were only a couple of dollars for all that fabric and ready for me to cut when I got them home. How fun is that?!
The third owl pictured is from a magazine pattern I found at Joann Fabrics...
was thrilled to find some thing new.
The DMC threads just add color and detail if hand stitching is applied.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Birthday

Mom's awesome birthday dinner for me ....always my favorite! Thanks again Mom!

The earrings were a joke..." Lady Tara" predicted that turquoise was my lucky color, so of coarse, my best friend ( not pictured) made sure that I had the best o'luck for my birthday...the earrings and a pair of matching sun glasses - which I fully intend to wear this summer to embarrass my children ....hahaha.

That's not right is it?

Nope, thats alot better !

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's ATC card
Handmade Valentine's card ( Iris folded heart)

Felted and beaded ATC card

Valentine's ATC's

Heart Scrapbook (WIP)

I love this heart shaped scrapbook..... Since I usually make lots of projects for other people, I decided it was time to make one thats "All About Me". This WIP has been in progress for quite some time now... Ive been adding my favorite things, sentimental pictures, special projects, little treasures, and hobbies. Just a little at time, so when it is finally will be about all the things that make me -me. My birthday is Valentine's so ,of coarse, I chose the heart shaped book and covered the pages in papers and colors that I love. Have had alot of fun adding odd embellishments.. like the hinges to hold my childrens loving creations. Lots of inking, stamps, ribbons, and whatever struck my fancy. All the pages are covered with papers and ready to go when a new inspiration strikes. I can add my Grandmothers recipe for my favorite candies and journal the special memories I have of her.
Its just a fun way to get to know yourself and show all your creative talents.

Mini Dotee Doll Faries..

These little cuties were all hand sewn...and are between 1-2 inches long. Fun and whimsical , pretty much any thing goes when making dotee dolls as long as it has a "hanger" and a "tail".
(The hanger and tail are usually strung beads, or ribbons with beads and so on, you get the idea.)
How could these not brighten up some ones day?