Sunday, September 20, 2015

Alphabet ATC's

I think these letters were for the month of August, but I have fallen behind and am not 100% sure now. Hate when that happens! Here are the letters 
H, I, & J . I'm still working on Septembers letters and will hopefully have those posted soon. 

Birthday Boy

While I have been struggling with my app to figure out how to write my posts, I missed posting Oliver's birthday.
Our boxer mix, Oliver/Ollie had his 12th birthday during the month of August. 
We didn't throw him a party, but we stopped at a gourmet shop for doggie treats instead. 
lol I don't think he minded at all! They had so much to choose from it was crazy. It was actually our first time in there too.
It was great and they had a doggie daycare. Who knew? 

                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLLIE !!