Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holiday Stitching

Just ordered these fabulous cross stitch patterns for holiday stitching. Im planning on working on them for the November and December stitch-a-longs on facebook. When it starts getting cold out and we are breaking out the hot teas, its time to start stitching again. I usually work on a few projects at a time(2-3). One I can carry along with me, and others just to switch to, to keep it interesting. I love to cozy down on those cold winter days, and light the fire place and enjoy some ME time. It doesnt happen often , but when it does its awesome.
My neighbor also stitches so its fun when we can get together and spend the evening stitching.
Nice to share a craft with some one you know. Keeps the creativity flowing. She also enjoys hot teas and good company so it works out great(ha ha). Knitting and crocheting are also on our to do lists for this winter, so Im looking forward to all the crafty stuff in store for this year.


I found these patterns at Everything Cross Stitch this online store!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Autum Dragon Cross Stitch

My son loves dragons...even though I dont collect them I like them too and am always looking for cool designs. Love the colors and seasonal feel of it.

These cross stitch designs can be found at Salt & Pepper ( a stitching site).

The Cake Shop

Went to The Cake Shop for homemade candy supplies and found these Halloween cakes. Cakes
arent my thing, but I thought they were great for parties.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exploring My Hometown...

1. CJ's Coffee Cafe'
2. This is a little hide away in our down town. Always thought it would look awesome
with white twinkle lights.
3 & 4. This is just another small area between buildings down town. It had been run down for a
while until the high school art students came and cleaned it up and added this wonderful
5 & 6. Love this apartment building! Its older, but has tons of character.
7. The original brick streets-- there are only a few of these streets left.
I appreciate all the work & pride that must have went into them.
8. Every town has its mansions--this one is ours. It's known as the Herget Mansion
(yep thats right --Herget Bank..).

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still Exploring....

I love old buildings and their history. These buildings are in a neighboring city. We have driven by them for years and I thought it was about time to get some pictures. Several of the older buildings from my childhood have already been torn down and replaced with modern ones.
I enjoy the designs and some thing about them has caught my eye at one time or another.

Exploring Continued....

This is the old Zellers building, which hasnt been in use for many years. I was looking for some creepy pictures for Halloween and remembered this place. Last year around Halloween there were tours you could take and go through the building, but of coarse I found out to late and we missed it. Im keeping my fingers crossed for this year.

At one time a few years ago some one was going to buy this place and fix it up. It would have been awesome and a big tourist attraction in our area. Would love to see shops, restaurants, tea room, historical relics and tours. Maybe even part of it could have been a bed and breakfast. Haunted places are a big thing now days. Have any wealthy friends? Oprah what do you think?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Homecoming 2009

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Love this dress...its a rich chocolate with a rose/lt.burgundy skirt.
It has embroidery and beading on the bottom of the skirt overlay.
Beautiful! Wow, you sure know how to make an entrence. Glad you had fun.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

September Owl ATC

Went with the fall theme for September since the first official day is at the end of the month.
Tried to stay creative ....used a leaf punch to make the cut outs and added the owl peeking out.
The other leaf is filled with another punched out leaf in a decorative paper and added accents to the front of the atc card.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lacey Knit Scarf WIP

I was looking for a pattern that would give me a fluffy lacey looking scarf my knitting instructor suggested that I use these large needles and it has worked out great! ( I'm thinking she said these are a size US 35--the big boys). It hasnt really taken me long to get this far ....a few more sittings and this project will be complete.

Jade Tree

My daughter surprised me with a Jade Tree this spring. I was thrilled of coarse, but this plant is a new experience for me. Today, since the first frost is just around the corner, I transplanted it to a pot to be brought in for the winter months. I'm hoping my green thumb stays in tact and we will be able to enjoy this plant for many years to come. Its said to be a slow growing tree, likes to stay dry, and loves sun light. The ideal soil is one part sand to two parts potting soil. Wish me luck!
It just so happens I was right on time getting the transplanting done --our first frost was the following night=)

New Salem Candle Light Walk 2009

The New Salem Candle Light Walk is held the first Friday & Saturday night every October.
Its so much fun to see all the pathways lit up with hanging lanterns as well as the ones the visitors bring with them to carry along the way. Lanterns are lit up every where! Beautiful in the dark. The last couple of years we have had a full moon or the harvest moon during the walk.
Each log cabin has a different history to be told, the fire places are welcoming, and there are replicas of the original style of furnature and tools used during that time period.
Homemade gingerbread and hot mulled cider are given out--the most popular cabin! Hmmm!
Its a great night for family and friends.