Monday, September 21, 2009

Bottle Cap Fairy Pin

This swap consisted of handmaking a lapel pin out of a bottle cap. The theme was fairies.
These are actually fun and easy to make. I like to use "glossy accents" by Inkssentials for the clear coat layer...adding some glitter or snow before it dries. I had a fairy charm for this one that fit perfect,so I used that and added some embellishments of my own (beads on wire & the star were recycled off embellishments Ive had for a while--but not yet used.)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life Can Be So Hard Some Times...

An Angel has spoken
Her words did I hear
Be not afraid my child
I am always so near.

I lighten your path
I hold you within
You are not alone
The veil is so thin.

I hear you in silence
Your fears do I sense
Darkness is ending
Light shall commence.

Your pains do I share
My heart reaches for you
I weep when you suffer
My love is so true.

As a child you called to me
You needed me there
My wings to protect you
To guide you with care.

With forgot me
You looked another way
But I am still with you
How I long for the day.

As days turn to months
And months turn to years
You find yourself seeking
The Angels in tears.

I fly to you swiftly
With wings soaring high
To embrace your sweet spirit is I.

I walk with you always
Never shall I stray
I am your Angel
I will show you the way.

~ from a poem by Michael Williams ~
Danny Hahlbohm
brought to you by

I am sure that every family at one time or another experiences hardships.
It only seems like we are the only ones at the time.
Help can be right in front of you and you may not see it till the hardships are over,
but I do believe it will make you stronger --
family and friends just a little more tightly knit together.
An offered shoulder to cry or lean on can mean more than a thousand words.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Bit Under the Weather...

September has come on pretty quick and some of the chillier weather with it. This is going to be an early winter! For the last week or so I've been under the weather with some type of stomach virus --just miserable! Hope this isnt an omen for the upcoming winter. So, I've fallen behind in some of my projects.
I havent been to my knitting group for almost two weeks, afraid I'd pass it on. I'm having fiber withdraw....but tomorrow night I will get my fix at our Friday night knitting group. I have finished at least 4 knit hats , which is great because I still find the tops of them a challenge. I cant seem to divide the stitches evenly when I go to use the two circular needles and still messes me up here and there.

I plan to get started on one of the cowl patterns Ive had tucked away for some time. Its actually pretty cool. It can be worn just around your neck or be pulled up like a hood when going outside.
At any rate I will be working on getting caught up with things.

The first hat I made is pictured in an earlier post... I couldnt seem to get it off my sons head long enough to get it in this picture:)

Above: Breakfast Tea by Deborah Charbrian