Saturday, November 28, 2009

November Owl ATC

This owls face was made with a printed ribbon, cut out to look like owl eyes and beak. Since my group has made one for each month to swap, you have to try your best to be creative and make some thing new. It has been a challenge! There's only one more to go for the month of December. I have my idea picked out , but have to do some tweeking to size it for the atc card.
I have received some wonderful and creative cards and will be picturing some of them with the finished set for this year.

Cowl / WIP

This WIP is going very fast! Ive only knitted on it for a couple hours so far and am already about half way done. I chose Bernat alpaca natural blends in a burgundy and added a splash of color with Aster magic . So, Im knitting with two strands. This pattern is by Lion Brand Yarns. I really liked that it can be worn around your neck or cover your ears.

The pattern is available here:

Rated Easy ( good beginner project)

Christmas Paper Bag Book

Paper bag books are one of my favorite things to make. It has pull out pages, little tags and fun surprizes hidden through out the book. I added traditions, fun Christmas memories,and recipes you remember enjoying as a kid. There's plenty of room to add your favorite photos. This one was made as a gift, so I did everything but add the photos. This type of book allows you to add as many pages as you want so its totally flexable for the design you might have in mind.

Mini Halloween Scrapbook

This scrapbook was so much fun! I started with my kids first Halloween and added a picture for every year till the book was filled. I didnt take a picture of each page--just a few to give you the idea. I threw in a picture of me back in the day.. the kids like to laugh at that and a recipe for Dalton's favorite pumkin seeds. This is so much fun to share and look back on each Halloween and see how they have grown from year to year. Great table top item --for good conversation.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bacci Pizza

We actually got to have pizza at this quaint little pizza place today. It was great! The pizza slices were huge and the atmosphere was wonderful! We had driven past it a few times before and of coarse it was closed due to the late hour. It was a fun place for friends and good conversation. Thanks Mom and Kelsey for hanging out today.