Monday, April 27, 2009

Knit "Dishcloth" Shawl

Wow ,its been a while since Ive updated.My bad! Life is still keeping me pretty busy,but I have managed to sneak in some knitting classes & start my first knitting projects.Ive always wanted to learn ,but was never able to get it together enough to actually give it a try.Im having lots of fun with it so far....except when I drop a stitch and have to go back:) The girls that go to the knitting shop are a hoot and fun to be around.
I havent given up my other crafts,just put them on hold for a bit.There are some projects Im making for me & other family members before I start swapping again.Learning lots of new things from contacts on here (thanks for sending patterns my way) and enjoying the great weather.Im also spending more time outside ....finally! Checking on the garden to see what has survived through the winter.Ive lost some great plants this year ,but cant complain.Most are doing well & I cant wait to see them bloom out. Ill be adding more posts soon....just trying to keep up for now :)

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