Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holiday Stitching

Just ordered these fabulous cross stitch patterns for holiday stitching. Im planning on working on them for the November and December stitch-a-longs on facebook. When it starts getting cold out and we are breaking out the hot teas, its time to start stitching again. I usually work on a few projects at a time(2-3). One I can carry along with me, and others just to switch to, to keep it interesting. I love to cozy down on those cold winter days, and light the fire place and enjoy some ME time. It doesnt happen often , but when it does its awesome.
My neighbor also stitches so its fun when we can get together and spend the evening stitching.
Nice to share a craft with some one you know. Keeps the creativity flowing. She also enjoys hot teas and good company so it works out great(ha ha). Knitting and crocheting are also on our to do lists for this winter, so Im looking forward to all the crafty stuff in store for this year.


I found these patterns at Everything Cross Stitch this online store!

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