Tuesday, March 30, 2010


About a month ago I set out to change things in my life. Not just the physical, but the way I see and do things. Im trying to incorporate positive thinking and the results I have gotten so far have been wonderful. Its still only been a short time but I can see how the people around me respond to me differently already. Good things are still to come.

Yesterday, we did our longest walk to date....I'm so proud! Good company helps distract over thinking the task at hand. The diet is still going great and the positive thinking hasnt hurt either.

I am losing weight slowly... but am also adding more laughter and friends to the mix & getting a happier me in the process. Even if I cant look 20 again, I'm getting my swag back=)

(LOL I think that drawing is just a little cross-eyed, which I hope Im not!)

This site has helped me out a ton http://sparkpeople.com

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