Tuesday, November 29, 2011

15 Sided Biscornu / Tutorial

This was my first attempt for a 15 sided biscornu, and I have to tell you, I found it rather difficult to sew together compared to the regular ones. Im guessing it gets easier with practice...(wink wink). Any hoo this was made for my friend/neighbor's upcoming birthday. All the individual squares turned out great, so Im hoping it pulls together nicely in the end. I found this tutorial on finishing a 15 sided biscornu as it can be some what confusing the first time.Im almost done...have the bottom layer to finish and sew on & then I can stuff and close it.

While I was sewing the small squares together, I noticed it was causing alot of fraying around the edges. So, I went around the very outside of each square with Fray Block ,dries clear, flexable & washable. That should do the trick. (It might have worked better for me if I did this step before sewing the pieces together.)

Finished it today, but it looks really rough around the edges to say the least and the points didnt turn out at all! Not exactly the look I was going for!! I had trouble getting it together through the whole project! At least I can say I gave this one a try, but from now on I think Ill stick with the regular biscornus.(Never Again!)


  1. I would love to know what floss you used to stitch this biscornu. Thanks.

  2. I used an off brand which came in a variety pack of variegated skeins purchased at Hobby Lobby. The brand is called "iris" color # 1006. It comes in regular six strand skeins. As you can probably tell, these are some of my favorite colors =)