Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry Christmas

Ive been making trips to and from Chicago for the last month or so, needless to say , it hasnt allowed me much time to work on projects or my blog...but the good news is I think things are finally winding down.
I really enjoy Chicago, but since I'm not used to the fast pace of things on a daily basis it just wears me out.

On our last trip, we got to see the CTA all decked out for Christmas...." The Santa Express". It was decorated inside and out. We wanted to ride on it,but we actually only got to see it in passing since it only runs till 5pm. So, it is now on my list for next year.

When we were finally done with our "to do " list we decided to walk around and see what we could find for supper before heading home again.There are tons of places to chose from that were close by our location. It doesnt sound like a big deal does it? No, I didnt think so either, until I got out there and froze to the bone!! Let me just say Im from Illinois and used to cold harsh winters and bundling up to stay warm, but this was brutal!
We stopped at a cafe just to warm up. I also took a photo of their beautiful upside down Christmas tree, but must have still been shaking from the cold because it ended up to be just a big blur of lights.  The rest of the photos turned out some what descent so those are the ones Ive shared.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!! I look forward to
 getting things back to normal and sharing more projects.


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  2. That is so sweet, Thank You! I enjoy having people visit:)