Friday, February 21, 2014

Afghan WIP (Crochet) Basket Weave

This is a quicky afghan... not meant to be fancy, but thick, durable, and warm. It has been freezing cold off and on all winter so far, and once again the blankets all disappear. The guys must be getting better at hiding them from me because I haven't been able to find one yet!
The pattern for this afghan is a basket weave done with three strands of yarn at a time. I chose a large hook (P) to hurry things along and because of the thickness.
I have to be honest, this is a simple pattern, but I think every project has its moments. Some how I managed to tangle up all my yarns and ended up with a huge mess. No problems with the pattern, just technical difficulties on my part. It took me quite a while to sort it all out...longer than it took me to crochet the completed rows you see so far. Easy peasy!
So back to work....

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