Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chicago Moving Day

Above: My daughter took us to a multi-restaurant place with the coolest had some thing for everyone. (Barnelli's Gourmet salads,Portillo's Hot Dogs and not sure what else was there...)

Above: Chicago Hard Rock Cafe

Above: Rainforest Cafe
We didn't eat at all these places, but we have been there before and stopped in to check out the gift shops. They are all across the street from each other.

Chicago's Rock'in McDonalds

Above: Art - We saw this cool sculpture on the way home...

Above: Im not even sure what this building is called, but its beautiful lit up at night.(its to the right of the Sears/Willis Tower) We got to talking about it over dinner with my daughter's friends and they told me there is a story behind it...
I guess a rich guy built it to propose to his girl...and took her up the Sear's tower to look down at it.
When its viewed from up there all lit up I'm told it looks like a big diamond ring....
They weren't 100 percent sure how the story goes but that is the gist of it.
How could a girl say no to that! Any way, I thought the story was romantic, even if my photo sorta sucks:)

I actually went to Chicago this time to help my daughter move into her new apartment at the school dorms.
Its very cute, and she has it all to herself. We worked all day, but got done in no time...then had some fun.

She still had stuff to put away and decorate, but the hardest part was finished.
Now, I just need a week to recover from the weekend LOL.

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