Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Infinity Scarf WIP

%*?|@):? Lots of cussing going on inside my head right now! Does it really count if you don't say it out loud?
Any one else like to watch a show, relax and work on some crochet? Me too! Just bought this beautiful yarn
( Purl Essence/ Rainbow Boucle ) to make an infinity scarf to wear with one of my coats. I was so into watching Lost Girl
 on Netflix that I wasn't paying close enough attention to what I was doing. I swear, I had half of this project done before I realized 
it was getting wider with each row. So I had to rip all the way back almost to the beginning ( grrr ).
I've got it all straightened out now:) Since I'm only on season two of this show I will continue to check width after each row. 

This scarf actually started out as a knitting project, but I switched to crochet. In all honesty I liked the knit look a little better 
than the crochet one, but I'm much faster crocheting and very slow knitting. The pattern I'm going by is a free one that came printed 
on the inside of the yarn label. 

I chained 40, double crochet till u reach desired length, crochet last row to first row to complete the circle and tuck in all ends.
Simple plan right?  LOL and I still managed to mess it up. That's ok, it's all working out now.
Here's what I have so far after ripping back:

 Above: my big mess 

Miss Khloe loving the yarn

In this one she has just spotted my crochet hook...she is the one that hid it on me last time .

She discovered the crochet hook and snatched it up before I could grab it. 
Lol no worries:)

Where is the best place to lay? Right on mom's project!

Gracie had to come check it out too.
Now that I have  every ones approval I'm gonna go work on my WIP!

Oh, I almost forgot. I joined a crochet group on Facebook and learned a new term.
HOTH means hot of the hook ( newly finished project:) just thought I would share.

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