Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crochet Mystery Afghan

Finished up clues 6 & 7 just in time for the new clues today. It was a total pain in the behind,
but I had fun learning a new technique. I'm also thinking at this point my afghan is far from perfect.
Not sure if I mentioned this before, but my loops were crocheted a little too loose. In fact, I went back and loosened them up a bit thinking they might go down the middle of the "x" instead of pointing up towards the corners. Lol, don't they always say to go with your first thought...and once again this theory is proven correct.
I'm ok with it, and like my afghan in spite of any artistic differences it might have:) I also like the pattern, and have seen some crazy colors come together to have a stunning affect.

Above is actually a picture of the back...

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