Thursday, June 4, 2009

Time for Tea Biscornu

Even though summer is here I still love the tea and coffee themes. Cant seem to get enough of them and am always looking for new patterns. I have found more that I would like to get done.
My list of to do projects is out of control so Im taking it one project at a time.


  1. Could you share the link or source for your lovely Time for Tea Biscornu? I host a Tatting Tea Tuesday blog and would love to make one of these, then add a tatted edging to it...

  2. For this biscornu I used several separate patterns and meshed them together to fit my 50 x50 cross stitch area. For the top photo, the teapot and heart pattern is from a leaflet called "50 Tiny Tea Motifs" by Jorja Hernandez. The cozy sock pattern can be found at . ( I shortened the sock pattern to fit my space.) Im not sure where I found the pattern for the tea cups above the socks. I hope this helps provide the patterns you were looking for, your blog sounds interesting! If you would like to leave your blog link, I would like to visit=) Cheers and Happy stitching.