Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bloomin' Garden

Record lows this week! The garden is still blooming, but its good knitting and tea weather. I'm getting my Christmas list ready for the knitted items I would like to get done. I'm still pretty slow at knitting, but I've started a new illusion scarf project. I choose a musical theme and school colors for my daughter that's in show choir. ( Shhhh--it's for Christmas!) I have lots of other projects to get completed, but am taking things one project at a time! The ladies at our local knitting shop are helping me along and providing encouragement and inspiration, which has been much needed.

I just finished reading "Hanging by a Thread" by Monica Ferris, a needlecraft mystery.
It was a good read and I'm looking forward to getting more of her books. The setting of her needle craft store was great! The store in the story seemed warm and welcoming, but had its quirks too. It includes a colorful group of women and people from her town, and all the different projects they are working on. In this book it was focusing on fall and christmas holidays which was great timing to get me in the mood for the upcoming holidays here in the real world.

Above:burgundy and pink hibiscus from my garden &
Tea cup and rose pictures by: silicapathways .

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