Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The "Handmade" Christmas "TO DO" List

Wow, Dalton will be returning from his trip to Washington DC & Chicago just in time to start school! I will be sure to add some of his pictures when he gets home. He's got quite a collection to show me when he gets here. Can't wait to hear all the stories that go with them. He did tell me he's had an awesome time so far!

Since the last entry I can't begin to tell you how the crochet and knitting projects have piled up!
I've already started a crochet afghan (reversable)for my mother as one of her Christmas presents. She unknowingly picked out the yarns for her own gift several months ago:) , but my list has grown from there. Dalton requested a knit hat for fall/school which he also picked the yarn out for, but I found another skein I knew he would love the 2nd hat will be for Christmas. Im sure most of you would take no time at all to whip those up, but these will be my first hats ever. My knitting stitches have improved a great deal, but I am still slow when it comes to new projects. Ive already had to frog the first attempt and start over.
Then of coarse, my projects are last on the"to do"list. I found the softest alpaca yarn ever ( my favorite). Its so soft its almost sinful! Can't keep my hands out of it! Im using that on a cowl for winter. I chose a natural color so it will go with pretty much every thing.
Every time I think my list is complete someone in the family picks up my pattern books and says ---I really like that --maybe you can make me one. LOL
Its pretty funny actually! My daughter, God love her, said she will not wear any thing that looks handmade/knit because it looks like its for old people. Well, she has added at least 3 more projects to my list! She still has the picture in her head of little old ladies knitting in rocking chairs. I did try to tell her they have knitting Vogue... but that was a lost cause. Little by little she is seeing more knitted things that appeal to her.
Ive also been busy reading the knitting mystery series by Maggie Sefton. I love them and havent been able to put them down. They get a thumbs up from me! She describes how she is a fiber flousey....loving all the colors and textures of the new and old yarns alike. I have to say that I totally understand! I have been saving and stashing yarns for a good long while now. Just waiting for the perfect project for them. They are all very tempting (eye candy) and the actual movements of knitting are very relaxing! Im not quite good enough yet to get to the meditation stage but Im working on it!

Awwww... isnt he the cutest?!

Above: Maggie Sefton Knitting mystery book series

Alpaca: Picture uploaded by Gienepien

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