Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heart Scrapbook (WIP)

I love this heart shaped scrapbook..... Since I usually make lots of projects for other people, I decided it was time to make one thats "All About Me". This WIP has been in progress for quite some time now... Ive been adding my favorite things, sentimental pictures, special projects, little treasures, and hobbies. Just a little at time, so when it is finally will be about all the things that make me -me. My birthday is Valentine's so ,of coarse, I chose the heart shaped book and covered the pages in papers and colors that I love. Have had alot of fun adding odd embellishments.. like the hinges to hold my childrens loving creations. Lots of inking, stamps, ribbons, and whatever struck my fancy. All the pages are covered with papers and ready to go when a new inspiration strikes. I can add my Grandmothers recipe for my favorite candies and journal the special memories I have of her.
Its just a fun way to get to know yourself and show all your creative talents.

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