Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Knitting Drama

I was being so careful with this cabled scarf project....then I noticed about 5 rows back there is a twisted stitch & a loose stitch that is noticable.UGH! Ripping out cables is no fun and some what confusing to me... the stitches I want to fix are actually only visible on the back, but being the picky crafty person I am it is bugging me to death. So, I have been trying to decide whether I need to move on or go back and fix it. All my stitches are correct until then and I think
another knitter would notice. Back it is then... and I will be alot happier with it when its finished.

My knitting shop also closed this past week, so I am totally traumatized. Im afraid to make a mistake & I miss my knitting girls and our wonderful friend and teacher Jeanie:(We made a colorful group and loved sharing stories and projects. It was never boring! The thought of quitting knitting altogether crossed my mind more than once. I love knitting and all that goes with it, but I have troubles reading and understanding new patterns. Some of my knitting goofs I just cant fix either. Keeping fingers crossed that she will re-open in a new location like originally planned. Please,Please,Please!!!!

After I got my mind set on fixing it, it didnt take to long to get back to where I needed to be in my pattern. Since fixing my blunders is a challenge I have to say I had no problems this time. Went down a few rows and fixed it with a crochet hook. The best way to learn is hands on, so I was rather pleased with myself! I popped in a movie and continued knitting, only to realize that I goofed again after adding about 10 new rows...UGH. Guess there will be no more New Moon while Im trying to knit.I must have been distracted a wee bit! Darn it!

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