Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Progress So Far...

Okay, heres the deal with the pictures... This year I decided to get out of the rut I'd been stuck in and change a few things in my life. (I think I briefly mentioned it a while back). The inside as well as the outside. To be honest the inside is alot harder to change. I wanted to add more happiness and lightness of heart to my life in general. Im not sure where I lost control of things, but I had lost myself along the way. Where is that fun loving girl I used to be? To make others happier when they are with you, you first need to be happy with yourself. So, the changes started. Inspite of the harsh situations the last couple of years have dealt us I can see a big difference.

On the physical side of things, I have changed my eating habits. Instead of comfort foods I have been eating healthy and heart smart (NOT giving up the coffee though, you just have to take a stand on some things..LOL) I have also been getting more excersize since about March, Ive started biking (for fun) and walking alot (me time).

For me pesonally, I have enjoyed joining another knitting group and hanging out with friends. Im starting to find my sense of humor again & my husband and I are "dating" once more. Its actually more fun the second time around=) Im taking time to enjoy things that I like and I have found that my family doesnt mind at all. Shocking at first I think, but they are getting used to it. No more being pulled in a million directions all at the same time. I think its easy to fall into the routine of family, work and busy lives and not appreciate eachother or actually live life experiences. Its all about the little things and those special moments you create in every day life. Ive been including them in my interests as much as possible and we have had a good time getting to know each other better. Its one thing to live with your family and totally another to really really know them and appreciate who they are. I have noticed that when I started making changes my family unknowingly started to change around me too. Im not even sure they all realize it...but life is good.

Anyway, just thought I would share my progress. Still working on things ....and have a long way to go, but it seems to be a good cause.
I want to thank my family for being a great support system and being patient through this whole process & my friends for just being there and encouraging me through all these changes=)

Note: I didnt want my whole blog to be focused on my weight loss and changes so I only post about it every now and then, but this web site has been a huge help to me in that area.

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