Thursday, September 23, 2010

UGH...I'm Stuck!

Im told knitting is a breeze, but I have been stuck on these 4 rows of "special stitches" for about a month now. My shrug WIP is about to the half way point, the body is actually finished and the arm holes are connected. After the four rows Im stuck on are finished all I have to do is the ribbing! UGH! Im not giving up yet. Again, Im going to start tearing out and start these infamous 4 rows over and pray that I can figure them out or substitute with some thing else that will accomplish the correct amount of stitches to go from there.

I have a bad habit of setting a project down once I get stuck--figuring its easier to stop at that point then to go back and rip out several rows. Ive actually been doing fairly well figuring things out on my own so far....but going from a lot of help and hands on instruction to none has been a huge adjustment! I have my new knitting group tonight, so maybe some poor soul will take pity on me and help me through this part:) ...and I was thinking about making another one right after this so I could get the pattern down . What was I thinking? The hardest part of knitting for me is still figuring out what the pattern is wanting you to do! Hopefully I will get better at that in time.
(will add pictures soon)

I did get help....thank you, thank you, thank you! I should be back on track this week & have that special stitch figured out. I guess the confusing thing was that the directions say to make one (m1) at the start of a new row, and while I would just usually do an increase stitch the "special directions" are a different sort of increase going through a back loop, which doesnt seem to be there to get it started. Hmmm Any way, I do feel better about it. The more experienced girls were confused too!

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