Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Bathroom

Finally finished! This bathroom project started in March. The plumber and his contractors came, rebuilt the whole floor from the rafters on, replaced all the plumbing in the basement and then quit!
Left us with the new floor, a shower, and a toilet. No cabinets, sink or mirror--the rest of the room was empty.(All the new stuff was already ordered and on its way!) They told me that no one wants to do a small job. Well it wasnt small when they started it and they sure didnt charge me small either. Two months and two contractors later my bathroom is done. The second contractor agreed to take the job and just never called me back. The
third try was a charm! It might not be HGTV material but we are thrilled with it! Still putting things away and waiting for art work to arrive, but its a good thing!

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