Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robins Egg Blue

Ok, now that the bathroom is done, Im looking for inspiration for the kitchen. I luv Robins Egg Blue and Ocean greens. Ive pretty much settled on the colors, but the hard part is where to put them!! Where is "House Crashers" (HGTV) when you need them? Truthfully, my kitchen needs way more than a new coat of steps:)


  1. Hi Dee!! We missed you at Panache today!! Lots of ladies were there!Love all the gorgeous robin's egg blue items~ very cool! Is that board from "pinintrest"? I signed up for it but I was put on a waitlist...bummer... Hope you can make it next week and Sandy and I are talking baout getting together there some other time during a week to do scrapbooking. I am soooooo far behind....Have a good weekend! Amie

  2. Hi Amie, long time no see. Sorry I havent been around lately Ive gotten busy all at once. Hopefully things will slow down for me soon & I will get back into the swing of things. I havent picked up my knitting in so long Im hoping I remember how to do it!Ive been sick all this week so Im planning on this Friday--keeping my fingers crossed:) The picture on my blog is just a collection of pictures I liked for the colors and made into a collage on picasa. See ya soon.