Thursday, December 29, 2011

Redheaded Woodpecker

He is the cutest thing...the birds have been going crazy with the feeders on the front porch. Its not really visible in the picture, but he has a patch of red feathers right on top of his head. Maybe next time I try for a picture he'll let me get a little closer. I can see the feeders from my kitchen window and enjoy watching them when doing dishes and cooking. Next week is gonna get really cold...Im stocked up on suet cakes and ready for all my small feathery friends.

It was too funny, I opened the front door to put away the Christmas decorations before the bad weather hits and I swear about 20 small birds took flight. I almost peed my pants, I forgot that they were probably out there. They all waited in the branches of a near by tree for me to get done.

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