Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Kitty Cross Stitch

This biscornu served as a Christmas tag for one of my moms gifts, and yes there is a story behind it.
I found Bella as a stray almost two years ago right before Mother's Day. She was skinny & hungry. The other kitties that had been abandoned in that neighborhood wouldnt let her eat any of the food some one had put out for them. She wasnt of the same litter as them, she was a bit older but still hungry all the same. It broke my heart to watch her try to eat after I shew'd her away from the street. She kept following me on my walk, would run ahead of me and just drop in front of my feet till I practically tripped over her.(I felt bad for all the kitties, but the neighbors were looking out for the younger litter.) So, having a big heart I couldnt leave her there...I scooped her up & took her with me. Since Im allergic to cats, guess what my mom got as a present. I showed up on my moms door step sneezing & swollen-eyed. At first she didnt want anything to do with her, but allowed her to stay on the covered back porch until I could find her a home.(She was pretty adamant in saying she didnt want any more pets of her own, especially a cat.) Of coarse I came over every day to check on her and play ....then I discovered mom was sneaking out to the back porch to luv on her too. She must have grown on my mom because she decided to keep her after all. Now, Bella is a spoiled house kitty with a big princess attitude, and she is definitely not hungry any more. The best thing about the whole situation was the next Mother's Day mom took me aside and told me Bella was the best present she'd ever gotten & thanked me. Mom loves her and Bella loves my mom just as much. What a blessing they have turned out to be for each other.

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