Saturday, February 4, 2012


I havent scrapbooked in ages, so I dug out one of my old scrapbooks since I was thinking of my kids...
Above: I made these scrapbook pages when my daughter graduated 8th grade. Her birthday party that year was Hawaiian themed, so thats the pattern I chose for the background paper. On the left, I added words that described her or things that were important in her life at the time. On the right, I started with pictures of her when she was little and progressed in age and important events. Then I added some tags, b-day cake picture, and some keepsakes.

Above: Father & Son (right: son, Left: dad)
I couldnt believe it when I found a picture of dad and noticed the similarities to my sons school picture for that year. It was uncanny (my kids think its really creepy), but I couldnt resist scrapbooking it . When I showed my mom, she asked when my son had his potrait taken & it was actually a portrait of my hubby when he was little:)

This was a good time ...the Harry Potter book parties at Barnes and Noble! We always looked forward to these. I started reading the books to my kids while I was in college ( yes, I was a late bloomer). Couldnt afford to buy the books when they first came out, so I rented them from my college library. We read a chapter at a time before bed since I had alot of studies. It became a special ritual & the librarians were a big help letting me check out the books more than once to finish them. My medical program was demanding and they understood so gave us some leway. We would get a group of friends together and hang out all night until the newest book was ready to be sold(by then, I had graduated). I miss that, but we also had a good time seeing all the movies. Lines were long and getting seats together for our group was a challenge since the theaters were packed.Yep, thats the whole point of a scrapbook bring back those fun moments.

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