Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Struggle To Snuggle...

Above: "The Ugly Blanket"
Olie sittin' pretty

I love knitting and crocheting, but the fleece blankets seem to work best at my house. Washer drier safe and man & pet friendly! I have been cleaning again and found that I have enough fleece to make a blanket for every one I know and then some. How I could have forgotten about a stash that size I have no idea. So instead of working up yarn afghans this year, looks like everyone will be getting a fleece blanket for Christmas. I had to laugh ... I have two storage bins full of fabric and some I stored at my moms. Wow! It looks worse than it really is though, there are two fabrics for each blanket ...front & back. I was delighted to see that I have some great prints .... I still liked them after all this time. Oliver (Olie, our dog) even has his own blanket, so I guess I do need to pick out one more for our new kitty, Khloe.Well, if we have a cold winter this year, I know we will all be warm and toasty!

The very first one I made when these became all the rage a few years back was the start of it all for our house. I love paislies and I found this bright fabric with huge paislies all over it. Then I found a rainbow fabric for the back, basically the same colors. Both my kids thought it was the Ugliest thing they had EVER seen. Thus, from that point on my blanket became known as the "Ugly Blanket". They went on and on about it.... and it became this huge joke. It was made for me any way so I didnt care, just some thing to snuggle up in to read. The funny thing about it was every time I wanted to snuggle up in it, I had to go find it & pry it away from one of my kids. Yep, the struggle to snuggle was on! After that I made them each their own, but its funny, some times they still take "The Ugly Blanket"! Maybe it is time for some new ones after all. (Still makes me smile=)
Note ~ Khloe, our new kitty has now taken the "Ugly Blanket" to use as her new bed....we did buy her a bed, but I guess she didnt like it! We've all lost out to the cat!

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