Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Just a quick supper of panini's made on the George Foreman grill. After much deliberation at the store we finally decided to use a "sourdough square loaf" of bread from the bakery this time. There was a lot to choose from, so we plan on trying some of the others this winter. For the cheeses we had provolone and/or colby jack & the option of some saute'ed mushrooms. Nothing fancy, everyone just picked what they wanted for their own sandwiches. We had turkey, ham, or roast beef for the lunch meets. The bread was large enough that a half of a sandwich would have been plenty for one person. The sandwiches were grilled up to a golden brown, I pressed on the top of the GF grill when we got them started. After that they were ok on their own & actually grilled up pretty fast. Ive always wanted a panini press, but they were a little more costly than what I wanted. This worked perfect & was easy clean up since it's non-stick. Yeah!
For the next ones, I want to try to get them a little more heart smart and lower in calories.

( Aww, Khloe was trying her best to get a little taste. Adorable! I'm used to our dog Olie begging, in fact he has sitting pretty down to perfection, but I didnt know that cats actually beg too =)

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