Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Gift Made for Me

My neighbor made me the cutest crochet ruffle scarf for my birthday, but we kept missing each other so I received a real surprise today. Its adorable and the project bag it came in! ( I dont have a pattern to share for this one since it was a gift...) I swear our dog Olie thought the scarf was for him, he tried his darnedest to get a hold of it! I will have to keep a close eye on him when I wear it!
She also surprised me with a cute coffee set that will match the colors in my kitchen when I get it finished. Totally made my day. TY!

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  1. I think you are very sweet sharing your stories! I love crafts,and coffee! Looking for eaasy crocheting patterns! If anyone has some? Please post. Them!god Bless. Sorry God Bleess. This. Is hard with my nails!thanks