Monday, April 2, 2012

Grannies Big and Small

Each group of 4 will make up one 6 x 6 square, which will be swapped with 2 partners. Im just starting to receive some of my squares. Im excited to see the color choices and designs (will post a picture when I start getting a good stash going.) If I dont collect enough squares thru the swaps then Ill either make the rest of the squares needed, or give in and make an afghan just for me in my own color choice. The color combination consists of a dark purple, medium blue, raspberry and turquoise with the white as a neutral. The multi used for the middle of the larger (6x6) squares pretty much have all the same colors except for the white.
The top pictures are dark but because of the shine I couldnt get them edited to show their true colors. They look brighter and more cheery in person, thank goodness.

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