Saturday, January 5, 2013

Icy Morning

I went out to warm the car up to take my son to school and my car was frozen solid, totally encased in a clear sheet of ice. So who do you always call for a mini crisis, mom! Knowing my son had a way to school it was sorta funny. Im not sure why, but my car was frozen shut for three days. I thought for sure the afternoon sun would have melted the ice, but it was to thick from the rain and sleet the night before. What ever managed to melt during the day kept re-freezing at night. I seemed to be the only one having this problem...go figure. Every one else's cars seemed to do ok including my husbands. In spite of all the ice, it was a gorgeous chilly morning, the light reflected off every surface ...perfect for curling up with a warm cuppa coffee.

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