Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whimsical Ceramic Tile Coasters

What would we ever do without Mod Podge? These are some ceramic tiles that my mom had left over from re-doing her bathroom. We chose some travel scrapbook papers and some stickers for decorating the tiles. Mod podged them on, and clear coated them after they had time to dry. I love these!! They turned out awesome. I love the bold colors and the whimsical theme. We had fun making these together & were thinking this would be great for a girls night party.


  1. The coasters turned out great. And obviously didn't cost very much to make which makes them even better. On one of my walks awhile back, I came across a box of blue tiles that someone had obviously tossed. I brought home a couple, but now I wish I had grabbed them all. Mod Podging them is a wonderful idea. Have a good week. Tammy

    1. These are on my top 10 list for easy & fun projects. Some times you can find these tiles at the home and garden stores for really cheap, usually they are ones that are being discontinued. They make great gifts for college age kids too, my daughters friends luv 'em.