Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Three Day Weekend....

My daughter has been wanting us to come up for a visit, so late Friday night my son and I hopped in the car and drove up to Chicago to see her. I thought it was mostly going to be time to hang out, but once we got there my kids had other plans. I swear they walked me from one end of Chicago to the other! Ok, besides that I was some what spoiled while I was there. After walking me every where during the day, we got to enjoy the hot tub on the rooftop of her building. Not only that, but she grilled us a special supper that we also ate out on the rooftop.(We ate out while we were there too, but I think her supper was even better than some of the restaurants we went to that cost a small fortune! She's a wonderful cook!) The view was fabulous! You could see the Chicago skyline from there...and all the buildings lit up at night. A lot of them had special pink lights on in honor of breast cancer awareness, and the marathon that took place this weekend.

Most of the pictures above are just snap shots taken while we walked through the city. My kids got into a photo taking contest...LOL , ya the bland ones are probably mine!

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