Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Knit Ruffle Scarves

Sorry I have been mia for so long, the last month has not exactly been blog material! In spite of some set backs, I have managed to knit up some scarves and have a few more colors to work on before they are all finished.
These ruffle scarves are not new, but they are new for me.
There are both knit and crochet patterns available for these scarves, but for me, the knit pattern was the easiest.Since the "yarn" opens up into a mesh it was sorta awkward to get started until you figure out how to hold it comfortably. These are beginner easy, and I love all the colors they have to choose from. It only took a little more than an evening to finish up one of these. Some of these are for my cousin, who found all this fun yarn on sale and sent it to me through the mail. We are each keeping some and giving some for Christmas presents. Sounds like a plan!

The scarves pictured above were all made with Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarns.

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