Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cabled Star Square (Crochet)

The finished size on the pattern for the cabled star square is 8 x 8, but I needed some thing smaller (6 x 6) for my swaps, so I left off rounds 7 & 8. The star is what I luv'd about this pattern. I thought the star would be the hardest part, but it ended up the easiest. I got stuck on Rnd 5 and had to rip it out several times, until I figured out to mark every 10 stitches in Rnd 4.(Yes I know I should have done that first, oh well live and learn.)For this pattern it is important to check counts after every round. Like I said before, I finished off on Rnd 6 for size and also used a smaller hook (G) since I tend to crochet pretty loose. Once I figured out how to get passed my trouble row it wasnt so bad. I was looking for some thing unusual and not the traditional granny square.
(For the free pattern click on the link above)

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