Thursday, May 17, 2012

Granny Rose Ripple

Im making all these pretty granny flowers and was planning on making an afghan of all squares, that is until I saw this picture. I totally love it. (I also really liked her color choices too, see what I mean, I never would have come close to putting those colors together.) Ive made enough granny rose squares for one row and am playing around with the colors for the ripple. I still need to add more rows of color before adding the squares on.
Ive tried ripples before and some of them werent pretty. Yep, wasnt paying attention and was off on one of the peaks and didnt notice till I was a few rows into the project. I hate when that happens. It was just an eye sore, needless to say that project was frogged and I havent tried to do another ripple since. Im using this pattern for the ripple part of the afghan. It seemed easy to read and explained how to figure out the number of stitches you want to start with for your beginning chain.

Ok, so Ive been playing around with the pattern design for about a week now & figured I would be a lot further along than I am. Ive ripped it out about 8 times so far...ugh! Im not having any trouble with the peaks, but I am having problems keeping the ends straight & the count between the peaks. This pattern seems to give me a lot of grief! It just doesnt seem like my rows are sharp enough to me. The first few times I was some how adding a stitch and the one end was getting longer with each row...then I tore it out and tried again and it got shorter with each row. The middle looks so pretty I dont want to give up quite yet. Ive been crocheting for years, so Im not sure what Im doing wrong exactly, but I am determined to figure it out.
My Great Grandma made me a ripple afghan for my 16th birthday, I love the pattern & of coarse it is sentimental to me. She could whip out an afghan in no time. So for now, Im heading back to the drawing board & making some changes. Where is my crochet angel when I need her?

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