Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Granny Rose Yarns

I had a specific color in mind for the coral I was looking for, which usually means that I wont find it until after I have settled for something else and my project is already finished. This time I got lucky and didnt even have to buy it! Found it in my stash of yarns I had used for my daughter's Rainbow Waves Afghan. I knew I liked that color! There were two 100g skeins left over, which should be enough to make the flowers. Yeah! Now I just have to decide how many squares I need and how to arrange them. I think for now, Im just gonna continue to make the flowers and play with it when I have enough finished up.

After having found the Granny Rose pattern yesterday, Ive caught it returning to my thoughts over and over. Had to do some thing, so I dragged myself out of the house on one of those miserable cool gray rainy days to get some trial colors . Picking colors is not really one of my strong points, at least when it comes to yarns. I mean I do OK, but I never quite reach that stunning combination. While I was trying to come up with something brilliant I thought...gardens, my garden to be more precise. I thought of the diff types of roses I have in my own garden that make me happy. The very first climbing rose bush I planted after moving into our home is the deep raspberry color. I liked it so much I also added a rose shrub in the same color to another part of the garden. Next, I had the most beautiful blue/lavender rose bushes ever. I swear they could have made an experienced gardener weep. (and you'll notice I said had...they smelled as good as they looked...sweet and our German Shepherd ate it! Does that compare to the dog ate my homework excuse? She actually ate them down pretty far before she got caught red handed, but luckily there were no ill side effects...she was lucky!) The yarn for the periwinkle color is a bit darker than the actual roses were, but I didnt want to go pastels. Then my kids gave me a mini rose bush for Mother's Day one year, and well I was tickled (bubble gum) pink...I know, I know, corny! Last but not least, and I am still looking for this color, I have a beautiful coral colored rose bush, the large pretty tea roses that have some of the burgundy color on the tip of each petal. Ill settle for just finding a rich coral color, couldnt find a shade I liked today. Do all these colors work together? I have no bloomin clue, but will find out when I start playing with them all.
Did you notice the containers? They are the cake/cupcake carriers from Walmart. I like sticking the yarns Im working with in there (along with hooks/needles, scissors etc). It holds 4 regular worsted weight skeins. What I like about them is that it keeps my yarns clean from dust and pet hair . I can just throw them in the car when I decide to take them along. With all the rain weve been having its nice they are water proof too. Dont take me wrong, I have some really nice knitting/crochet bags too & use them plenty when getting together with a group, but these tend to come in handy when I dont want to get the others dirty or have to dig around in my bag for the stuff Im looking for.

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