Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Postcrossing (Postcard Exchange)

I found postcrossing through a friend on another craft swapping site. Had no idea what it was, so I looked into it and found that its a site for swapping postcards from all over the world. Who doesnt like to receive postcards? It keeps track of locations sent to and received from, and how many miles your postcards have traveled. There's also a postcard gallery, where you can look at tons of great postcards. Im new to the site and just getting started. Ive mailed out my first five postcards now and am waiting for them to be received.
I sent to: San Diego, CA., Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, & Belarus. Now, I cant wait to see where I receive from. Im so bad at waiting ...I swear my postal person will probably think Im a stalker haha.
My city only offers 4 postcards that you can buy at the chamber of commerce, and out of those there is only one pretty scenic one. So , the plan is to take our own pictures and have them made into postcards at Walmart. Its actually just as cheap to make some up than buy them and have to pay for shipping and handling. Im sure if I stick with this Ill end up doing a bit of both eventually. You send whatever post cards you have, but most request something that shows where you are from or a popular landmark.
(Above: Is the post card I plan to make with some of the pictures we've taken. I made it into a collage and am hoping its good for a postcard.)

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