Saturday, May 5, 2012

Received Swap Squares

Above is the updated picture(s) of the squares Ive collected to date (8-24-12). I did add in some of the sample squares Ive been working on to get me caught up. Ive still got more swaps to do & receive. Im hoping to collect enough for 6 across and 6 down at the very least. Will have to work out the size when all the squares are in ...

Paisley's ....yep they are a favorite of mine! It must be an 80's thing, but I still luv them. You can imagine how surprised I was to receive this! Wow! Made my day to say the least . The amazing lady that sent this to me only had a picture to work off of...I cant say how much I appreciate all her hard work.

I dont have enough squares to put together an afghan with them yet, but there are still more swaps to be done. I have truly received some awesome squares! Nothing like opening a package and being wonderfully surprised. So here are some of the squares I have received so far...
If you look at the top left square you'll see a tag attached. The sender hand stamped her tags and wrote the swap info. It was a nice personal touch, I like it!
(Since these were for swaps I dont have any available patterns.)

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