Friday, November 23, 2012

Decorating At My Daughters

Carmen supervising while we make the wreath

My daughter was worried over how her tree looked decorated. She hasn't accumulated all the ornaments & Christmas stuff  my mom and I have, so she was a little wary of her tree at first....just not sure she liked it. I think her tree looks really cute! Bright and cheerful! The picture doesn't do it justice.
Mom and I didn't start out with a bunch of ornaments, but they just add up over the years. I buy a special ornament  every year for my kids, so some day all theirs will add up to a nice collection too. We added some snow flakes, and candy swirls to her mostly decorated tree and later she found some decorations she made last Christmas. The handmade ones added that some thing special. I have to admit that decorating a tree so its cat proof might be a little harder, but they have tons of pretty shatter proof decorations now days. I will soon be finding this out for myself since it will be our first Christmas with a cat. Maybe she will come help me decorate too. Her apartment looks great!
We also made her first wreath....she found some cute accents 50% off , and we used an extra wreath grandma had stored in the garage. She found a picture of a wreath she liked on Pinterest, so we had some thing to go by while putting it together. She loved it when we were finished! Not to shabby!
Every thing looks so cozy and Christmasy for the she can just sit back and enjoy it!

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