Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decoration Day At My House

 Got my tree put up today! In spite of every one catching a head cold at my house we managed to get the decorating done. I don't think we put up as many decorations as usual, but since my head is feeling big and fuzzy I'm OK with it.
 We added Khloe's first ornament to our tree this year. When we adopted her back in August the vet made an ornament with her paw print on it for us to take home. So I embellished it with ink so the paw print was more visible, added the date of her first Christmas with us and hung it with ribbon. She did really great with the tree and decorations. She hasn't messed with them once. She did lay under the tree and was looking up at the lights, but she wasn't to sure about the whole thing and hasn't given it a second thought since.
 Next, we hid the Christmas pickle. Last year I forgot to put it on and my daughter noticed right away. They are older now and I didn't think they even looked for it any more, but I guess I was wrong. I thought it was nice that they still want it on our tree.

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