Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Profound Statements

Yesterday mom and I were at Walmart in Peoria Heights waiting for my sons class to get out... we got our lists done and did the self check-out. For some reason the machine would not let me sign to finish my transaction. After fighting with it for a bit, it finally worked. So I grabbed my receipt and headed out. Half way through the door, I stopped, Im sure a look of panic was on my face & mom is asking what's wrong??? No bags! I thought I had left all my stuff in the bags at the check out!! Mom said, No I grabbed them when you were fighting with the machine. Of coarse, I'm relieved and praising my mom. Any way, this whole time there is a big guy in the foyer with us hearing this conversation.... he gives me a big smile and says..." your momma has been taking care of you your whole life, she's not gonna let ya down now."
I cannot tell you how much that statement floored me! I love that some people have such a great outlook on life & could tell, in that short of time how wonderful my mom is. That absolutely made my day! He could not possibly know how much that statement meant to me.
It also reminded me that you cannot tell what a person is like until you meet them. Its easy to get wrapped up in the daily grind. He was a big guy, with a ready smile and a kind heart. I was touched. So I'm wishing him many blessings.

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