Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adopted Today

Olie & Khloe

Well, I got a phone call at 5:30am this'morning to come to my daughters appartment building to save a stray cat. (sigh~I'm too soft hearted.) So, off I went. This kitty has had a hard life so far from the looks of things and I ended up bringing her home just like my daughter knew I would. She has at least a 2x2 patch on the back of her neck with no fur from being mauled and her paw was bleeding. I dont think the fur will ever grow back, but thats ok, she's safe now. Poor thing. She was so hungry and when I got her home she looked relieved just to be able to lay down and sleep with no worries.This is gonna be a huge challenge! Ive never really had a cat before...first of all because Im allergic and next we already have a dog named Olie, who is a spoiled momma's baby. Ive begun introducing them thru scent first, hoping they will get used to each other. Im not really sure how to go about doing this. Olie barks alot and I dont want him to scare her and I dont want her to be afraid and claw thats my big dilema. My house is not very big so its going to be hard introduce them slowly to each other. She did see Olie this'morning and didnt panic, so Im taking this as a good sign and Olie likes cats but he wants to sniff and lick them so there is still hope.
I will be making her vet appointment later today and will figure out the rest as I go. She looks a lot like my daughters kitty Kesha, same colors except my kitty has a really fluffy tail. Poor thing I can feel every bone in her little body & with the heat wave we've had I wouldnt be surprised if she is dehydrated. We will get her all fixed up! We still havent come up with a name for her yet. I just cant think of one that fits her.
If any one has words of advise I would be very grateful!

Note: We named her Khloe (pronounced k-l-oh-ee)

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